Painless and mild

Painless precision radiotherapy with CyberKnife® can replace surgery for tumor removal as the standard therapy.

Anaesthesia as well as fixation of the patient are not necessary during treatment. This method is extremely mild as the possibility of precise radiation leaves the surrounding healthy tissue intact. The German CyberKnife® Centre in Soest is an institution of KlinikumStadtSoest and is scientifically supported by Dep. of Radiotherapy and Radiation Oncology of University Hospital Muenster.

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What is the CyberKnife® system?

The robot-assisted CyberKnife® radiosurgery system is a tried-and-tested alternative to the operative treatment of tumors in all body regions.

This form of therapy, which involves precisely delivering high doses of radiation to tumors, offers new hope to both patients with inoperable tumors or tumors that are almost impossible to reach as well as to patients looking for a non-surgical alternative.

CyberKnife® is an image-guided system with computer-assisted robotics that emits highly energetic radiation to tumors from nearly every direction. It is designed for radiation therapy for tumors in all body regions and works with sub-millimetre precision. It locates both the tumor and the patient's movements and automatically adjusts the radiation emitted. This method needs neither anaesthesia nor invasive stabilization frames.

The CyberKnife® system (computer graphics)

The CyberKnife® system (computer graphics)

Patients’ benefits

Most patients only need a short recovery time and can return to their daily activities almost immediately.

Further benefits for patients:

  • no pain
  • non-invasive
  • no anaesthesia 
  • no invasive head or body frames
  • no breath-holding during treatment
  • high radiation precision 
  • automatic tumor tracking by the radiation device, even when the patient moves
  • immediate return to daily activities