What is the CyberKnife® system?

The robot-assisted CyberKnife® radiosurgery system is a tried-and-tested alternative to the operative treatment of tumors in all body regions.

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Why precision radiotherapy?

Precision radiotherapy with the CyberKnife® system has many benefits for patients.

Problems with conventional treatment

Almost every patient with a tumor receives radiotherapy treatment. This also applies to young patients with a low cancer burden who have a good chance of recovery. In cases like these, the decade-long protection of healthy tissue has priority. Extremely precise radiotherapy is required.

But this also applies to older patients with a similar medical condition because they often suffer from a host of other accompanying diseases. Therefore, in cases of chronic cardiac disease, vascular disease, pulmonary disease or diabetes mellitus, protecting the tissue around the tumor area is not only important, but is often crucial to therapeutic success.

Standard radiation devices require a relatively large edge around the tumor in order to deliver the necessary doses. Sometimes patients must be positioned under the therapeutic device with constricting restraint aids, masks or even screws that are temporarily fixed to the head.

CyberKnife® System

CyberKnife® System

Benefits when using the CyberKnife® system

All that is not needed when using CyberKnife®.

It is a highly flexible, fully fledged radiotherapy photon accelerator attached to a robotic arm. After a previously obtained model matrix the device autonomously pans towards the patient and the tumor region, adjusts the radiation angle and is able to deliver rays to even the smallest of tumors. Patients need neither a mask around the head/neck region nor any other constraining restraint aids.

On the one hand, radiotherapy can be delivered entirely with the CyberKnife® in higher doses and over a shorter period (during a one to five-day period). So far, comparable conventional radiation therapy requires a period of four to seven weeks. On the other hand, CyberKnife® treatment can be delivered with dose saturation after conventional therapy with a higher dose and a hence potentially better chance of recovery.

We additionally treat patients with recurring cancer after external pre-radiation and give them the chance for long-term disease regression or even recovery.